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School Leadership Council

The Local School Leadership Council (LSLC) is a shared decision-making body, composed of elected parents, community members, school personnel, and the Student Body President and Vice President students in Leadership (secondary schools only). 


The functions and responsibilities of the local school leadership council considers all points of view and solicits the advice and counsel of parent organizations, other employee groups and all other interested parties. The LSLC works cooperatively to make decisions in these areas of the school program:

  1. Plan staff professional development.

  2. Establish student discipline guidelines and policies.

  3. Determine schedule of school activities and events, and special schedules (such as shortened and minimum days.)

  4. Guidelines for use of school equipment, such as copy machines.

  5. Local budgetary matters in Object Code 4310 (General Fund) Program Code 3027 (Instructional Materials Account.)


Interested in Participating!              Composition of Council and Source

Parents/Community members, if you are interested in participating or becoming a member in the SLC, contact our school's main office for details or visit the websites below for more information.




Source: UTLA/LAUSD Contract, Article XXVII. Click image to download.