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School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is a shared decision-making council composed of elected teachers, pareSSC Logonts, community members, students, (secondary schools) the principal and one classified staff member who are responsible for developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) for school programs federally funded through the Consolidated Application (ConApp).

The SSC is also responsible for meeting all school level federal parental involvement mandates, including the development of the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy, Title I Parent and Family Compact, and monitor the appropriate spending of budgets 7S046 - CE NCLB TI Schools and 7E046 - CE NCLB School-Parent Involvement.

The council is guided by Federal law (Title I), California law (Education Code section 65000) and LAUSD policy (BUL-6745.6). The SSC also ensures that the following mandates are met: 

  1. The creation of the school-level Title I Parent Involvement Policy

  2. The creation of the Title I School-Parent Compact

  3. The development of the Title I parent involvement budget

  4. The proposed expenditures of all categorical funds

  5. The development of the comprehensive school safety plan

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Parents/Community members, if you are interested in participating or becoming a member in the SSC, contact our school's main office for details or visit the websites below for more information.


LD South Parent And Community Engagement


LAUSD Parent and Community Services










Source: LAUSD BUL-6745.6 

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